Obviously we have established I love to cook...that's just a smidgen of who I happen to be. I love nice things, cute shoes, adorable bags, so forth and so on. However, I am not at a place that I can buy a $200 purse or a $100 pair of shoes. Can my hubs & I afford it: absolutely, would I do it? No shot. That's just me, I'm in no way judging you if you choose to do so, I just grew up on a farm, one of four children and that was never an option for us. As I grew older I have discovered that I have divine taste(I speak only the truth;) unfortunately I just can't let go of my old standards(I have a difficult time letting go of anything, just look in my closets.haha). But I really, really desire those awesome things and I have a certain...tenacity if you will.

Thus was born my ability to get the things I want for outrageously low prices. My furniture, my jeans, my art, my shoes and yes, my le mysteres, for dirt cheap.

This week I was wandering around the mall & I stumbled into Rack Room. I rarely shop there b/c it seems that the shoes I tend to be drawn to are never found in my size. They were having a huge sale & I thought I should check it out b/c as you never know. I went through the racks of shoes and nothing caught my eye, I even remember saying to myself "hmmm, wonder why all these heinous shoes are on sale? Hard to imagine people didn't snap them right up"  Just as I was about to waltz out, from the corner of my eye I spotted a row I had missed.

                                          Can you say Jackpot? 

These orange wedges fit perfectly, they were originally $55 and I got them for a whopping...

They were clearanced to $11 and for MLK they were take an extra 50% off all sale. YAY

 I already have the perfect outfit picked out to wear with it; a navy dress w/a tan belt & my favorite orange satchel...Florida in 3 wks, I'm bustin it out.

I should probably get a pedicure now, these shoes need to be rocked by some sexy toes;)

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