crack on a stick

as this was so succinctly coined last summer at a bunco get together by my friend, Tara...the usual name is bacon on a stick. Bacon is basically my own personal crack, hence the title and I'm sticking w/what works(for me)

It's super simple. and a big party hit. Of everything I have ever made, this is the one that people tend to request the most. A request means you did something right. I like doing something
right...just ask Wiki.

1 package bacon
(thinly sliced, this is a MUST)
1 package Stella Dora bread sticks
2 oz bourbon
(I prefer honey bourbon for this specific recipe)
3 tbsp brown sugar
2 tbsp melted butter

take a cookie sheet & line w/foil
(this is for easier clean up, but if you just love extra work then by all means, have at it;)
Now wrap the bacon tight around the bread stick. Maple bacon is extra yummy
line the wrapped bacon on the foil
take the 2 oz bourbon & mix in 2 tbsp of the brown sugar
take a brush & coat the 'sticks
you can now brush a little of the melted butter & sprinkle half the remaining brown sugar
bake at 350 for 10-15 min or until you can see the bacon browning
now take the pan out & if possible, drain the fat
turn them over(a big fork usually works for me)
and repeat the bourbon/brown sugar coating
bake an additional 10-15 or until it is completely cooked

**please note that it can sometimes dry out, if this happens just brush w/an extra coat when you take out

Here are a few variations
1) this is very sweet, so I often times put a dash of salt in the bourbon to counteract
2)I sometimes take 2 tbsp dijon mustard & 1 tbsp bbq sauce and add the bourbon to it, omitting the brown sugar except for the sprinkle at the end
3) and if you don't want bourbon you can use more butter
4) if you're one of those loons people who only use turkey bacon(brandy, cough cough) the four people I know who tried this said it was beyond disgusting. sooooo
5) If I am having a larger gathering I try to buy the wheat thins sticks(honey wheat) you can cut the bacon into 3 strips, thus tripling the amount. and they're more "partaaaayyy friendly" if you will

Anyways...I hope you thoroughly enjoy your dabbling into crack...on a stick. Now lets's all be honest, you like the way crack on a stiiiiiccckkk rolls of your tongue. There's no judging here, this is a safe place;)

I have no idea who originated this tasty eat. My friend Jen mentioned it to me as bacon wrapped around a bread stick & sprinkled w/brown sugar. The rest has just been a trial and error to get just what I wanted, and someway to involve bourbon.. All I know is thank you to the person who dreamed it up.
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