Old Salem

Last weekend we traipsed to the lovely town of Winston-Salem, NC to see a show w/two of my brothers, one of my sissy in laws(the sassy one;) haha Ginnay. Wiki is the best when it comes to finding awesome places to stay. He stumbles upon these deals and out of the way spots. I have had the opportunity to stay in some of the most whimsical places you can imagine. 

He was looking for places to lay our heads and came upon the Brookstown Inn. I looked at the pictures and found it cute, but not overly impressive. The location was another story, it was in Old Salem and I am a history buff. I.LOVE.HISTORY! They were having a winter special and the price was $55 plus tax. Where are you gonna find a better price than that(the No Light Inn $29 not withstanding) So the decision was made...

We got there in no time and I will say only this...Hire a new web designer, this place was AWESOME!!! It is an old cotton mill renovated. The rooms were enormous, ours in particular was 2 floors, a 16 foot ceiling and one whole wall of exposed brick and a fireplace. Was the furnishings "blow your mind" chic and modern, not even a little. I still loved every second of it. Next week I will share all the pics from the hotel, tonight's post is about a topic I love...Food! 

We had dinner at some BBQ joint...it was lacking. Perhaps I am spoiled by QShack(yummy, I need some brisket) or maybe I just have good taste, either way Wiki and I both left with our appetites still in tact. this is not cool. I will not out this establishment b/c they weren't rude, they worked hard and my tastes are mine, someone else may love it. I appreciate small businesses. 

But I will most assuredly out this next joint...

We went to this little place the next morning. It was...AAAAHHHHMAZING.

I mean we were welcomed in by peanut butter chocolate spoons to make your own hot chocolate. UMMM, Hello?! Yes, Please. 

Any place that serves my beverage in a mason jar receives an automatic first down...(If you don't understand the reference of that...then I don't know how to help you other than to offer up a prayer).

I normally am a waffle or pancake kinda gal. I cannot even recall the last time I may have ordered french toast. This time I gave in, I am outdone by the words chocolate caramel pecan all in one sentence. and yes, it was even better than it looks! 

Thank you Screaming Rooster, we will be back!

and just for the heck of it, there was this amazing building across the street, closed for renovation. It had this amazing red door and this gorgeous turquoise window. I snapped a few shots.

I love the stoop..and the star.

You may not notice but the corner street here is Wachovia, for some of you this may conjure up negative connotations, not me. I want you back Wachovia. For nine years you were good to me, It's taken Wells the Devil Fargo less than 5 weeks to garner my utter disdain. I'm sure they care. Ugh.

Anyways, take a visit to this great town, you'll be happy you did!
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