This is one of those things that are so simple you almost cannot believe how divine it is once you take that first tasty bite. You get a high off of it...or maybe that's just me. Either way. This makes you go....HMMMM. 

The first time I became acquainted w/this dish was at one of our favorite places in Raleigh, Oakwood Cafe. My mind immediately conjured up images of a cozy cafe w/a fireplace and possibly relaxing outdoor seating. Ummmm, nope. It is one of the most nondescript places you can imagine. When we first pulled up I'm pretty sure I was like "Is this a mini market?" haha But I decided to be a sport and try it anyway. Lie, I was ravenous & needed nourishment in order to not do something regrettable, like pummel my husband out of hanger. haha Anyways, the inside of this place is formica counters & the hard booths. A mish mash of tables and chairs. Probably seats no more than 20-25 ppl.  And it's hands down one of the best meals you will have. Yummy. No, double yummy. Food is phenomenal & the prices can't be beat. 

if you're ever in the Oak City, try it out!!!

To make provoleta
2 slices of provolone, cut as thick as the deli can(or as many layers as you desire)
(there's apparently a provoleta cheese you can use, I never found more power to you if you do)
**pancetta 1/4 of a pound
prosciutto 1/4 of a pound
1/2 small sweet onion
red pepper flakes**
get a small crock if you can(or small oven safe bowl)
lay one slice in the pan and top w/olive oil & salt & pepper. 
pour the mixture(see below) over the first slice & then top w/remaining 
slice of provolone. Repeat olive oil & spices.
Bake 15-20 min on 350 and then broil for another 5 min or until it is slightly brown & the cheese is all melty & looking full of...goodness.
Serve w/toasty bread

** This is "THE MIXTURE"
It's just a term we coined once when my mind blanked out & I was expecting Wiki to read my thoughts like any good hubs should do. Men...sigh

take the prosciutto & pancetta(both should be sliced thin) roll them up & chop into small strips, do the same w/the onion. add to a fry pan w/a good splash of bourbon(I prefer honey bourbon for this particular recipe) 
add a dash of red pepper.
cook about 5-6 min 

***Origin*** Obviously I discovered this at Oakwood, what makes this "mine" is the mixture. Theirs had nothing but cheese & it was still fantastic.

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