Let's get it started

in here. Let's get it started in here.

Since this is now overtly running through my head, it may as well be in yours too. And it is, isn't it? Haha. Score. I now feel better about it. I was skimming through ideas of what to title this "welcome post" & somehow  get started came about & then, before I knew it...The Black Eyed Peas were having a concert in my mind. Ergo, you got this title.

I am Maddie and welcome to my little world. I live with my hubs in Raliegh and hope to have fun with this. 

Wiki and I 
Moving on from that aimless explanation, I hope to parlay the purpose of this lovely "whimsical" blog. I love a lot of things, some very simple & some slightly more complex. I love to cook. Like adore it, almost as much as I love eating. Notice almost, as this is a very important word. Cooking will never top eating. I'm a corn fed girl, after all. Duh. Food is something I have had a love/hate/hate more relationship w/my entire life. I struggled w/my weight for an extended period of time & as a picky eater by choice & a severe allergy sufferer by nature, my lack of options didn't help me out a ton.

Over the last few years my palate has taken on a more, shall we say, mature taste? This is in large part due to the Mr. (Heretofore, we shalt reference him only as Wiki. I'm sure you can guess why. and for next week when I forget our aforementioned deal...Wiki is interchangeable w/Tony.) He is from Boston & is part Lebanese & Italian. Over the last ten years together his annoyance w/my refusal to try new things resulted in me finally giving in(on certain things only, mind you) & discovering, to my dismay, some of these foods were utterly delectable.

 This led to me deciding that, perhaps, I should start exploring a variety of foods out on my own, seeing if I could marry the flavors I loved w/ones I was more tentative to try...and voila, my intimate knowledge of grocery stores was born. I can walk into one & spend hours, walking down the aisles, creating  recipes in my head. 

I can discover one new item & have fifteen ways to use it before I leave the store. Sometimes this works out exactly how I have it planned in my mind, other times I would be the first contestant sent home on chopped. Oh well...Wiki will eat anything;)

So this blog is my chance to share some of my ideas w/you guys. I am not the best "recipe" person per se, as I rarely & I mean rarely, use one. I just throw things in & it seems to work. Please bear with me & feel free to leave feedback as to anything I may need to change. A plethora of things I create are a twist on something I've had before so please, feel free to omit or add in anyway that suits your fancy.

I will be tackling a variety of topics on this blog; delicious cocktails(maybe a few mocktails for you pregger chicas) scrumptious desserts, tempting apps & sometimes an outfit I love & must have, a bargain I have found(I am the bargain queen. Hands down. I win. Believe me, this is a declaration of truth. you probably thought you were good, but I'm better;) Some of my favorite books as I am an avid reader & books leave me contented. And a few other topics that evade me right now.

I hope y'all enjoy this... Just know my posts will involve 
numerous amounts of bacon, bourbon & all things sports.
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