Peppermint Oreo Mudslide

Yes, you read that right. Peppermint. Oreo. Mudslide. or Goodness defined. Either works.
I would like to say a lot of witty things here. But I'm not b/c this speaks for its self. Moving right along.

1/2 cup mini oreos
2 cups peppermint mocha ice cream
peppermint sugar crystals(ummm, we'll say a tbsp)
2 tbsp bailey's
2 tbsp kahlua
2 tbsp vanilla vodka
1/2 cup ice
(if you can find peppermint kahlua or edy's peppermint ice cream, they were out, booooooo)

I place ice in first then add 1/2 the liquid, add the ice cream, oreos, sugar crystals and add remaining liquid.
Crush ice for a moment and then turn to frappe(or whatever your blender would use for milkshakes)
I had to stop the blender and use a spoon to mix it a little before starting the blender again to get it to my desired consistency

You can do many things to make this to your liking. More or less alcohol to get it to your preferred "boozy" state. If it's too "liquidy" add more ice cream or oreos and if it's too thick you could add more booze or milk.

This was my base point. I.LOVE.THESE SHAKES. Like no words are descriptive enough! I prefer it with the peppermint from EDY's, but this was beyond yummy also. I made peppermint mudslides last year  and didn't add the oreo. I think that the peppermint mocha ice cream probably works best w/this particular version.

Drink up. You'll be happy you did!
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