Cherry Limeade Martini

I went to Sonic recently(this is a rarity for me) and it was during their happy hour. I like happy hour, it makes me happy. What a thought, huh? I ordered a medium & they inadvertently gave me a small. lucky me, they just told me to keep it and gave me the medium. In the 3.5 minutes to our house I was becoming annoyed at myself. Now I had two and I wanted to drink them both and I didn't need the sugar. But I love sugar, even if it is my utter frenemy.  Once home I realized I had some vodka and it was most assuredly an official "happy flippin hour to me" Sugar doesn't count when mixed w/vodka, it oxidizes. doesn't it? oh. well. remind me to care.

Anyhoo, few days later we were having company and I was contemplating funky drinks to make when I remembered how good  satisfying my cherry limeade was. I actually considered having Wiki drive to Sonic and get me two large cherry limeades w/no ice so I could just add vodka. I decided that sucked. Then I decided to just wing it. Thus was born cherry limealicious. 

cherry limealicious
two martinis(medium to large glass)
8 oz limeade(I used simply limeade)
2 parts cherry vodka 
1 1/2 part tripple sec
 splash grenadine

pour into glass and leave just enough room to top off w/sprite
garnish w/cherry & lime

shockingly enough I got this idea from...Sonic. I know, I know. The rest just came about. I checked and apparently there are a plethora of cherry limeade martini recipes, but mine is the only cherry limealicious. or so I think. and what I think is all that matters. till someone tells me different;)

Please go forth & be participatory in a very happy hour(s)
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