A Jaunt Through Princeton

Last week I mentioned how we had stopped in Princeton on our way up to Boston. It had been quite some time since we were able to walk through the town. I often stop in Princeton and park on trips to New York, leaving my car and taking the train to up to the city. But to really soak up 
the atmosphere and the campus had been entirely too long. 

The buildings are just so gorgeous and ornate, but the town itself is rather quaint and there is a bit of shopping to take in on your trip. I had forgotten how similar Duke's campus is to Princeton and at first, walking around, it was as if I was in Durham. But there are distinct differences and I loved pretty much everything I saw. The biggest differential is the history that belongs to Princeton. Being a history junkie, this is the most pleasing part. It is one of nine members of the Colonial Colleges. And for four months, Princeton was our nations capital. I mean...as far as I know, it's not designated a World Heritage Site like UVA is....but;) Wahoowa. 

Here are a few shots I was able to snap in our short hour long stop. If you have the chance, stop by the campus and check out one of the local joints for a quick bite!

This building is probably one of my favorites on the campus. And when I finally felt like I wasn't at Duke anymore. I love the stained glass and the colors of the brick. If I am correct, this is Alexander Hall.

 But when I came upon this building, my love was solidified. Nassau Hall When I conjure up images of a perfect village, this would be what the town hall looked like. Stores on both sides and this at the end of the town center. I am not even joking.  I love buildings encompassed by ivy almost as much as I love bourbon. But only almost.

I loved this view of the building through the structure out in front. 

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  1. I love the architecture of the building. It looks amazing with the ivy too. All the arches and windows, perfection.

  2. I'm with you on ivy covered buildings... LOVE it! Looks so romantic and old timey! :)


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