Birthday {and} Drinks

This weekend flew by. And half of my pictures will involve cocktails and it will look like I threw way too many back, but I really didn't. I promise. Next week I will actually drinks more.  I got to see pretty much all of my favorite people this weekend and that always makes me happy. Getting to see my niece, Evie is fantastic, especially since I get to hold her instead of seeing her in the hospital.

Before I headed to Virginia, Tony and I went out to dinner and to see my cousin's husband play at a local bar. It was nice because he was playing right down the street from us and we didn't have to travel. Plus, I got my favorite wings and fewer things than that make me happy. They also were having $3.50 mason jar cocktails and you got to keep the glass. So obviously I didn't want to be rude and not get one. I am nothing if not sweet.

Saturday, I woke up and got ready for the two hour drive home. When I am by myself in the car and can take in the beauty on the back roads, I am always reminded of just how beautiful and area I grew up in. Especially in the spring. 

We had a get together that night for my dad and brother and I got to see my Evie girl. and then after my dad and I went out and had drinks. The Mexican place next to my parents always has insane drink specials. I was also entirely too stoked when I noticed they were selling raspberitas. I have been craving one and they had them for $1.50 and I ordered a mango margarita and then got the raspberita as a floater. Genius decision. on more than many levels.

When we stepped back mom was what you may call jealous and so I made her a version of her own. and it wasn't bad for last second drink! Actually , it wouldn't be bad for a very much planned drink either. So, Kerry, I finally got them after you teasing me with your pics all week! 

Sunday I headed to church and then had an afternoon date with my oldest nephew. We rarely get to spend lots of time together by ourselves and we had such a great time. He is also 13 and towering over me. And I can't even take it!

4 comments on "Birthday {and} Drinks"
  1. Haha!! Glad you finally got to taste them. They are my new favorites! Combining them together is genius!! Glad you got to spend some tine with Evie, so precious!!

  2. i love it when drinks are served in mason jars. my niece is 8 and she's nearly my height! what are they feeding these kids?

    Vodka and Soda

  3. What a great weekend! Your niece is super cute! That mason jar drink looks delish!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. I love those Daily's pre-made pouches! Peach daiquiri is the BEST!
    I can't believe the Mason jar drinks were so CHEAP! And you got to keep the glass?! *chug, chug, chug!*


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