On The Road Again

having been in Boston for a week, we are finally headed back home and we are doing the 11 hour drive straight through. Or so we say now. Depending upon traffic, we may stop over for a few hours to try and rest. This week has completely flown by and I am almost incredulous that it is over. 

We came up for the week to help with my father in law as he underwent double knee replacement on Wednesday. The hospital has been calling him a rockstar because he went up steps and walked the hallways twice on the second day. I don't really likes teps myself and my knees are fine. But whatever;)

It has been great to see everyone and it was also our first Easter up here in almost 5 years and I don't want to eat for days. I will probably feel this way till at least the morning where I will promptly eat. and not even care.

I got to see Kerry on Thursday and we had a fantastic time as we always do and my sis in law came along this time and learned way too much about blogging. 

I also got the hang of driving around the neighborhoods and not getting lost. Tony has a virtual map in his head and without him and my phone barley having any service, making my way without getting lost inflated my ego a bit. and then on Sat I was able to swing by Wards Berry Farm in Sharon and their apple cinnamon bread is ridiculous. Yummmmm.

 Friday, while I ran some errands for my mother in law and they were still at the hospital, I was able to take the extra time to myself and fit some shopping at Patriots Place in. I also decided to catch a movie and saw Draft Day. I actually really enjoyed it, but I love Keven Costner and I will watch any sports movie. And kind of funny to walk out of the theater and be in the shadow of Gillette Stadium. Is it football season yet?

We had Easter yesterday and I love seeing the family and being as my husband is Italian, there was 5 courses. First up was homemade raviolis with broth. Then Anti pasto, followed up by ravioli in homemade sauce. Then the dinner. Mashed and roasted potatoes. Lamb and ham. Too many veggies to count. and gobs of vino. 

Easter is my favorite holiday as my faith is the most important part of my life and Easter is the cornerstone to my beliefs. being able to be surrounded by family is and food is just the icing on the cake. Missing my family and my other niece's first Easter was hard, but I will see her sweet cheeks soon!

As much as I will miss everyone, I will not miss the colder temps. There was snow this week. In April. No thanks to that. Ever again. And I will be glad to jump in my bed. I just wish Boston was closer. By lots of miles.

5 comments on "On The Road Again"
  1. Happy Easter! So nice that you went to visit your in laws.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. So glad to have seen you again! Move up here already! I think the 5 course would put me in a food coma too. Drive safe!

  3. jealous that you guys got to hang out!! have a great trip back :)

    Vodka and Soda


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