Eating Our Way Up the East Coast

literally;) well, ok...but almost. We left Raleigh on Friday and headed up for Richmond. We had originally planned to have a weekend with my family for my nephew's baseball tournament, but it was cancelled. Since we had planned to leave for Boston on Sunday, we decided to go ahead with our trip anyways.

The fun part was that we decided to forgo our second night in Richmond and play all of Saturday by ear. What a great decision and you have no idea how much we fit into that one afternoon! I plan on putting a few of the stops into posts of their own, but for is a drive by idea of our weekend!

On the first night, we just grabbed a quick bite to eat at the Savory Grain in Richmond. Their perogies filled with Vermont cheddar were to die for. and their cocktails were insanely delicious. maybe two of the best I have had in a really long time and they used so many Virginia ingredients and ciders, beers, wines and even spirits. Loved it. Go Virginia, Go;)

Saturday we woke up and left our sweet hotel, The Linden Row Inn. Edgar Allan Poe played in the gardens here when he was a boy. History nerd! Then ,before we headed on our way, and after several tries for brunch and the restaurants either being closed or packed, we headed over to Shockoe bottom and the Urban Farmhouse. I love the structure of this place and the ambiance. Usually I am a big fan of their food, but my french toast was nothing to write home about(but apparently enough to write down here, huh) but their mimosas are yum and for whatever reason, the ice makes it better. Normally I would frown upon ice in my mimosa, not here!

Then we got on the road and made the decision that no matter where we ended up, we would find it off the beaten path and not take 95 on the way to Boston. First up was  a Vineyard we spotted in the Northern Neck area of Virgina, Oak Crest. We loved one of their red blends and after grabbing a glass and a bottle for later, back on the road we were. making a quick pit stop in Colonial Beach and this house (the blue and yellow one) which was where Alexander Graham Bell once lived! It is now a bed and breakfast. 

At this point, we made Annapolis our destination and continued on 301/50 and after I screamed that I saw a Carvel, we made a pit stop for a cone and in less than half an hour, we were in Annapolis. Which is one of the most beautiful capital cites you can imagine. And as much as we wanted to stay the night, there was a famous croquet match that takes place between the Naval Academy and nearby St. Johns...and after two hours of dealing with the rudest and drunkest people I have ever dealt with outside of a frat party, we left and headed elsewhere. 

Here is where I can happily say how this turned into an amazing adventure and I may have found my new favorite town! We ended up in Easton, MD and to be as small as it is, the shops and restaurants and the arts in general are incredible. We had fantastic dinner and drinks again. this time at Docs, thanks to the recommendations of Miss Kristin! We stayed at the sweetest hotel, The Tidewater Inn. The porch was enough to lure me in and I was completely done in by the fan in the room. More hotels should do this!

And wow, that was just Saturday and this has become entirely too long to also post about Sunday, so I will finish it off tomorrow. How was your weekend? Any special plans?
6 comments on "Eating Our Way Up the East Coast"
  1. There's eating on the West Coast too.....just sayin ;)

  2. Forget about all the food you are coming up to see ME!! Okay family, but me too! ;)

  3. We totally could have crossed paths! How funny would that have been? :) Perhaps we can find a mutual time to go to the Pig and Pearl when it's actually OPEN... haha! I love Annapolis - it is SO pretty in the historic parts. Haven't been up there in years but may have to add it to the list of places to visit this summer!

  4. I love the East coast! :) I've never been to the West coast but I honestly can't imagine anything topping the East! :)

  5. I need to take a "food road trip" with you. That would be incredible!


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