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We love hosting and after a a hiatus because of pesky sicknesses or travel, we were finally able to work all of our schedules out. Last year, some couples that we hang out with all decided to host neighborhood dinners. Each couple would rotate on a monthly basis. It is a nice way to get to see each other and enjoy different foods...and the bonus is that it is within walking distance. Wine is even better this way;) And since we hosted this go round, I was gifted with a some of my favorite flowers! Thanks again, Tharina!

Even now that a few couples have moved, we all still participate and have invited a few new couples to the crew and it is a cross town dinner group. I love any excuse to cook and recently, so does Tony. I am not sure about how it works for you guys...but multiple cooks in a kitchen can be a war in the making. I have lots of girl nights that I get to whip up meals in the kitchen for and I decided it was only fair to let him take charge this time. He decided on making a bolognese from scratch and I was given the task of making meatballs. It was my first time, but I handled it alright. A few of them didn't make it from the pan and fell apart on their way to the sauce. Rude.

But the funny part about Tony is that he goes all out. He grabs the drink bucket, has 5 types of beer, different sodas and a plethora of coffee. He poured everyone wine when their glasses were empty, kept the beers coming. Set up an entire table of appetizers and had candles burning. This is what you get from a 6'5 former football player.  My reign of hostest once again was overtaken, then he began cleaning and I decided he could have the honors, fair and square. Cooking, all day, every, no thanks!

In his defense, he gets his desire to feed everyone in sight fair and square. He is half Italian and half Lebanese. They are known for a few things, wine and food are somewhat up there. The only problem when he gets hold of the kitchen, he usually cooks enough to feed 15 families when there are 8 of us. This is why my bum has grown exponentially these past few years. Somebody save me.

Do any of you guys have a neighborhood dinner club? One of my favortie nights each month. I really want to start a game night soon. That is one of my loves. But if you beat're not welcome back. 
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  1. I think it's time you host me..and we drink and eat all day and you play tour guide with me ;)

  2. That sounds like so much fun. My neighbors aren't nearly as friendly or my age. I second what Brianne said! ;)

  3. I try not to talk to my neighbors TOO much because I don't want to HAVE to stop and talk to them every time I see them. I'm such a hermit. haha

  4. Such a fun idea! Our neighborhood is good about having get togethers every so often as well. We do everything from pool parties/bbq's, movie nights, dinner parties, poker nights, etc... love living in such a great neighborhood.

    Those flowers are so pretty :)

  5. So jealous- I'd love to have one of these clubs.


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