Guacamole Isn't Hummus

Hummus in every shape and form lately is all the rage. There's roasted red pepper hummus, black bean hummus and I've even seen beet hummus. I should mention that I am not an overt fan of hummus myself. I do use it in a lot of recipes though, Mediterranean flat bread and Mediterranean stuffed shells. But I rarely partake in these creations and trust the mister's judgement. 

I am not the most anal of people...only a few things will get my panties all bunched. I hate text talk. Kindles make me shudder and my idea of being on time means that if you're 5 minutes early, you're already late. (You should know that my husband does not share this trait. One of his nicknames is TYTT...take your time, Tony. I the opposite of love it about him.)  But for the most part...I am beyond easy going. Unless, apparently when, it comes to hummus. The dish I don't even like. 

A while back, I clicked on a recipe for "avocado hummus" I was immediately intrigued. Thinking my husband would probably love the combo of hummus and avocados and my mind was already working out a bunch of meal ideas. 

As I clicked on it, this was the recipe.
2 avocados
1/2 cup cherry tomatoes (chopped)

Ummmm, what? I quickly re scanned to make sure that I had indeed looked up a recipe for avocado hummus and not, you know, guacamole?!!?!? Here is the thing, the Arabic word for hummus actually translates to mean chickpeas. Therefore, no hummus. 

This would be akin to me looking at Greek Yogurt and calling it milk hummus. Just because it is a thick dip. From now on, french onion dip is french onion hummus!

This is my random confession/rant of the week. If you make me hummus that I will probably not eat anyways, please put chickpeas in it. 

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12 comments on "Guacamole Isn't Hummus"
  1. Hilarious!! OMG I truly am laughing out loud!

  2. So strange!! I love guacamole but it most certainly isn't hummus!

  3. omg whaaaat?? Seriously??? How do they not know that that's guacamole?! laughing my ass off at 'french onion hummus'

  4. Bahahaha! Totally NOT Hummus!

  5. Hey Maddie! Omg I dont do hummus everrrr lol! I just cant, lol! XOXO


  6. hahah! This is hilarious. I'm with you though what? Definitely not hummus. People really have taken to calling everything hummus- even if it not at all resembles real hummus.

  7. My husband is always late, I am always at least 15 minutes early.

    Who the hell thinks hummus is the same as guacamole?

  8. What the what?! Yeah can't have hummus without chickpeas and I don't even eat it that much.

  9. OMG~
    This is too funny.. I totally agree.

  10. dafuq?! I'm with you... dat's some guac right thurr!

  11. This is fantastic. Peanut butter is now peanut hummus!

  12. hahahahaha i'm no cook but even i know hummus = chickpeas.

    thanks for linking up yesterday!

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