St. Michaels, Maryland

I mentioned a few weeks ago about our trip up to Boston and how we stopped in a few quaint towns in Maryland. I adored St. Michaels from first glance. It is full of sweet buildings in vibrant colors and just dripping with an eclectic sense of character. Here are a few shots from our stop. We discovered two shops while there, American Holiday & Knotty Living. I will be writing about the two of them sometime next week. This was also where I met the author, Susan Reiss! Was such a fun experience 

I picked her book up, she signed it to me, which was fun. I was able to read it when we were at the hospital for my father in law. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and characters. Can't wait to tell you guys more. But for today, so that I don't over inundate you with too many pics, today is just snapshots of the town.  Sorry in advance that a few are different sizes, I had to steal some from my instragram;)

We enjoyed our short time in this sweet town and can't wait to go back and explore more in depth. I've heard that they have fantastic restaurants and amazing sea food. From the looks of the spots surrounding the harbor, I can only imagine. Plus, I really want to stay at The Snuggery bed and breakfast. Just because I may love that name.

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  1. Love the feel of this little town! And now I also wish we had a "Snuggery" sign outside out house. We love to snuggle, so dug, it'd be perfect ;)

  2. Love cute little out of the way towns. Such character and charm! The Snuggery sounds so cute!

  3. There are so many beautiful places in Maryland. We used to vacation on the shore all the time as a kid.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. Hahaha... that really IS the cutest B&B name!

  5. Ahh Brings back memories of visiting my grandmother in the summer!! Thanks so much for sharing!


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