The Food Trip Continues

On Sunday we woke up early and headed down for breakfast. And for $17, the buffet was well worth it for what they packed in. Plus, all the tazo tea my heart desired. Mid way through the meal I noticed our server looking at me somewhat strangely and after he left and Tony came back from the restroom...I learned that my hair was full of whip cream. What can I was some good stuff. 

We left Easton and headed to a small harbor town of St. Michaels. Another sweet location and so full of vibrant colors and shops. We stopped by the maritime museum for a few quick minutes before heading over to the shops and I hit the jackpot. Our first stop was American Holiday and I was instantly enamored with all the great finds and then I found a book about a murder mystery that takes place in St. Michaels and what do you know, the author was in the shop. Day (and probably week made) After buying the book and chatting for a few minutes we headed to the sister store, Knotty Living. They also had the cutest "dog bar" at lots of shops, where they had treats and water for your pups. I can't wait to write about the book and author!

I have an entire post for this enchanting place, but that is for another day. After a quick cafe stop, we were back en route for Boston. and after taking the bay bridge coming off 301 and running into Sunday traffic, we sat. and sat. and sat some more before deciding that we had to get the h out of dodge and took the next exit and meandered our way through Jersey on all backroads. But before we took the exit, I snapped this picture of an old barn off the turnpike. From the window of our car and on my phone. Funny how it was one of my favorite shots all weekend. and no editing. none, except a small cropping of the lock on his car door;) I just love the rusty colors against the blue sky.

Our backroad experience let us stop off in Princeton, which I haven't been to in years and I took so many photos as it is one of the most picturesque towns/campuses there is. And of course, we grabbed a quick bite at the Italian market next to campus. One of the best chicken parms I have ever had. and they had a jar of nutella the size of a big baby. I wanted to grab it and run. I didn't. And I am still remiss.

Finally, at ten, we arrived in Sharon. Also known as the number 1 small town in America. When money magazine released their rankings last year...I wanted to scream, My husband's pride for his town needed no help;) haha
3 comments on "The Food Trip Continues"
  1. I love me a buffet! Looks like you guys had yourself a damn good day! :)

  2. That is a good road trip! Love that you got to meet the author. How fun! So glad you are in Mass, can't wait to see you again!

  3. SOOOO steal my heart why don't you! Love your trip thus far! I live in Richmond and Savory Grain is a fav for me and my my grandmother lives in Easton! Isn't St. Michaels just the sweetest? I think you just got yourself a new follwer! xoxo Caroline


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