Aruba, DC & NYC

For this week, since our anniversary is on Saturday, I thought I would do Travel Back Thursday of our honeymoon. I can't believe it has been eleven years. Time flies and also it stands still. However that is possible.

We got married the summer that so many of Tony's college friends also got hitched. We traveled up to Connecticut for one and then another was scheduled for two weeks after ours. Therefore, we decided to do Aruba for a week and then head up to NYC for a few days before that wedding. 

I will give you guys a little PSA before I show the pictures.  We got married in the heyday of of scrapbooking. So...if you notice a few stickers or such on some of these photos...that is why;) Kicking myself for not saving extra shots!

Also, at this point I was working for a hotel. And so our hotel in Aruba was $29 a night. Our hotel in DC was $49 and our hotel in NYC was $59. Basically we stayed for two weeks for less than most of these hotels usually went for one night. Thinking about this makes me remiss I ever quit. Stupid move. 

We ended up being in Aruba from Tuesday to Tuesday and so for the first few days, we stayed in DC. A friend of ours worked in the Capitol and so we got a behind the scenes tour. We relaxed by the pool and had dinner/drinks. We ended up checking out the Holocaust museum. It was one of the most moving experiences of my life and if you are ever there, check it out. 

On Tuesday, we headed to Aruba and I cannot say enough about how much I adored it there. The weather was perfect. We would day drink and lay by the pool. We checked out downtown (the bus system worked great!) We had some delicious meals. One of my favorites was at this small, out of the way place named Tango. The food was Argentinian and they had hourly tango shows. 

We ended up doing a Kuku Kanuku tour and that was awesome. It was an old bus painted and you had dinner and then bar hopped. We also stopped for a sunset champagne toast at the lighthouse. 

Our pool was less than stellar and pretty much packed with kids so we would steal away to the Hyatt next door almost every day. They had this awesome slide.  Since we were purchasing drinks and snacks, they were cool with us using the pool. And Tony somehow ended up in a slide contest and won a bottle of wine. We popped it and enjoyed it on our balcony.

Our pool did events in the afternoon and one of them was water aerobics. We did love this at ours and it was hilarious to see Tony jump right in and participate. All the ladies loved it!

We left for NYC and it was so beyond hot. And I had to wear a hat all the time because I forgot to in Aruba and so...blisters in my head. being so close to the Equator, I put tons of sunscreen on and forgot to block my scalp. It looked as if I had the worst case of dandruff in history. and I mean in all of history. haha

We did too many things to really recount
and we have been to the city so many times. We usually stay away from touristy stuff since we have done them already. But we decided to have fun. We rode the ferris wheel at Toys R us. We had drinks at the Pen top bar of the Peninsula hotel over looking Central Park. Dylan's Candy Bar opened when we were in the city and we spent way too much time there. We saw a few Broadway shows. 

I can't believe it has been eleven years! 
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  1. Wow... 11 years... that is so awesome! Looks like you guys had a great time on your honeymoon!! And it is always good to do so many things that it is hard to recount them all!! Any plans to try and relive your honeymoon in future?

  2. Awww you both look so young! Eleven years is amazing! Water aerobics, priceless!!

  3. I just celebrated my 11th as well.. So most of my pics are in scrapbooks too! Congrats!

  4. How cute are you guys!! I am heading to NYC tonight. Wish you were coming along girl. xo


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