Me So Quirky...So, So Quirky.

You guys singing a little diddly about something other than quirkiness? Good, join me in my own rendition. 

Anyways, onto the actual topic at hand. I have come to realize that there are certain things about myself that are rather quirky. Some may say annoying and that is fine too, I can accept that. But I prefer quirky. 

And so, here are mine, all laid out.

I cannot sleep without a blanket. Even if it is 100 degrees out. I just cannot fall asleep without one on. My dad used to get furious because we would go on road trips in the summer and I would wrap myself in a comforter and he would insist I stop or I was going to "have a heat stroke" 

Guess what, dad, I am still kickin.

I don't really understand the purpose of a top sheet. The second I get to a hotel I will kick it off in no time. I hit the marital jackpot due to the fact that the mister didn't grow up with them either. I am sure this has played a huge part in our eleven year marriage still going strong.

And then, also to sleep, I really like a fan. On my face. The rest of me, as you now know, is basically a cocoon. I like the breeze on my face and I love the noise.

Speaking of noise, I cannot fall asleep if the tv or radio is on. I think this actually may be partly to due with my bipolar. I have to pay attention or sing along and I can't get my mind to shut off if there is some sort of stimulation around. and I don't mean the good kind of stimulation.

I don't like my food to touch. So, basically, I am a 5 year old. Unless it is mashed potatoes and corn. Then they can touch all the little long day. But if something with sauce touches something that is not supposed to have sauce...oh, H to the no. (unless I am in public and my fear of being perceived as a biatch wins out and I will eat it.)

I do not like it if you try to put something on my head. Tony loves to do this to irritate me and I will pretty much run away. It has nothing to do with not messing my hair up either. Honestly, I have no legitimate reason for this rage. i just hate it. As in hate it hard.

If Tony is out of town, I put a chair underneath the door so no one can break in. and we have an alarm system. You can tell I have serious faith in ADT. Whatever, no one is going to get me! No One. Thanks Blacklist and Criminal Minds for my total and complete irrational paranoia. ( and the person who broke into our old apartment...while I was home)

When I am walking alone at night, I walk with my hand covering my neck. I had no idea I even did this until a friend noticed it one night when she came up on me in the parking lot of a movie. Apparently I think if someone tries to slash my throat they will get my hand instead. Are you noticing a trend, like perhaps I should stop watching creepy shows? 

I make weird noises when I am nervous. I can't even give you a true example of the sound. Just know that if we are ever together and I start spouting off strange sounds, for some reason I am nervous. Or cold, i also make them when I am absurdly cold. 

I cannot take talk radio. It makes me want to pull my hair out at the roots. And this includes sports radio. And since I cannot miss a huge sporting event, if I happen to be in my car and have to listen to a game or something to get the score, I pretty much cringe. Tony, on the other hand, listens to nothing but NPR and stuff like that (well, EDM also) Our car rides are bunches of fun. 

I have to read if someone else is driving. I think I am probably opposite of most people in this sense. I don't really get car sick, but I am much less nervous if I can read on ling road trips. He gets mad because he tries to talk to me sometimes and i usually respond with "uh, huh. sure, mmm, yes" and other short responses that indicate I am paying him absolutely zero attention.  Men are so needy. 

So these are a few of my quirks. Can we still be friends? 
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19 comments on "Me So Quirky...So, So Quirky."
  1. Ahhh i confessed the food touching thing a while back too! Esp meat ... it shouldt touch anything or its just gross.

  2. Haha these made me giggle a little bit. I can't sleep without a blanket either so I can totally relate. I don't like the fan on my face though b/c it'sll blow my hair gently tickling my hair and that's just annoying lol

  3. i'm the same. i NEED to sleep with a blanket - any blanket - no matter how hot it is. i also have to sleep holding a pillow and one behind my back for me to lean on or i can't fall asleep. weird bitches unite!! :D

    Vodka and Soda

  4. OMG I can't deal with talk radio to the point where I can hardly stand morning shows. I get so crabby in the morning if it's not music & it's just talking instead.

  5. I like to sleep with a cover matter how warm. I think it is comforting. I would say we are all unique.
    Blessings dear. Catherine

  6. I have to have something covering me when I sleep even if it is 100 degrees out too. I don't like being all exposed!

  7. I definitely need a blanket on me even if it's a million degrees out! HOWEVER my husband loves having a fan blowing on so much. Siiighhh. It's something I've had to get used to lol. And Criminal Minds is the #1 reason why I'm so paranoid especially being a runner...because we all know they're the ones that are either the victim or find the body first let's just face it!

  8. I am so with you on using a blanket at night! These weren't that bad. At first I was like what am I getting myself into but no worries! ;) Two more days till I hit the roads!

  9. I prefer to read or play solitaire if someone else is driving. The last thing I want to do is watch someone else maneuver on the roads - especially MFD. Who listens to talk radio...which also makes me want to punch things.

    Even if it's a zillion degrees, I'll be partly covered with a sheet. I also need to stick a foot out no matter how cold it is.

    None of my food can touch and I eat it in a certain order too. Veggie, carb, protein. I finish all of one thing at once and never go back to it.

  10. Hey Maddie!! Great confessions!! I totally sleep with a blanket even if its 100 degrees out!! And my b/f totally thinks i'm nuts lol!! Phew thank goodness i'm not the only one lol! Great post girl!! ;)


  11. I should bring along a book when I am riding with my boyfriend he gets so annoyed because I freak out when hes 190787678 miles away from a car and I think we're going to slam into the back of them... hahahaha

  12. Second sheets are a waste of time and a waste of energy when I have to lay the bed lol

  13. I also HAVE to have a blanket or sheet of some sort covering me to sleep no matter how hot it is! I just need it!

  14. I can't sleep without a blanket, either! Back in the day we didn't even have air in our house and I would STILL sleep with a comforter on me in the middle of the summer. Weird shit! haha! My sister used to not like her food to touch... like, she wouldn't even eat it if it did!

  15. I'm the same way. I always need to sleep with a blanket on. My mom says I've been that way since the day I was born LOL.

  16. Blankets always. And I live in Guam. No to top sheets - seriously, who invented those things? It's just more laundry to do!

    And I would totally be extra cautious when home alone after you've already had a break-in! That's not paranoid, that's being safer! You're on your own with the whole covering your neck thing though. Lol.

  17. Are we twins??!!
    I don't like my food to touch either. If I'm eating a big meal, I get more than one plate just so my food doesn't touch. I want complete silence, except the fan or AC, when I'm sleeping. I never use a top sheet and also don't see the reason for them.

  18. yes to all the sleeping things (except what's a top sheet?) i always need a blanket and i love the fan, and i can't sleep if anything is on. and i think you need to stop watching creepy shows haha.

  19. I can't sleep without my bite guard and fuzzy socks. The only part of me that gets cold at night are my shoulders, so I can sleep with nothing on but maybe a hoodie, and my fuzzy socks. Not a pretty sight for anyone barging into my bedroom, as kids and grandkids are known to do. The dogs don't seem to care. My husband is a covers hog, but he can have all the covers he wants even if it is a whole king-size comforter all to himself. I'm happy with my hoodie and fuzzy socks. I've considered wearing gloves to keep my hands warm but I just lay on my hands. I tuck them in somewhere. I'm quirky about using the tub to wash my face because using the sink is so messy with water running down my elbows and all over the counter. I also will not share my tube of tooth paste or my towel. I do not like re-heated food, so I'd rather eat it cold than have it re-heated. I always use a straw to drink, except for hot drinks. I use at least 6 paper napkins per meal. I can't stand to walk on gritty floors barefooted, so I'm pretty nuts about keeping the floors clean. If the door is open in a room and someone comes along and closes it, it makes me crazy. I could go on and on, this is enough for now.


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