I Am Not A Car Person

but I will admit that the antique car show we attended this weekend somewhat changed my thoughts. I may really, really want an antique car now.

 Our anniversary is in two weeks. Think I can work on him in the next fourteen days?

 Yea...me neither. 

My parents came down on Friday night so we could celebrate Father's Day with my dad and since he is a huge car lover, it was the perfect plan. The weather cooperated and gave us an absolutely beautiful day. Could not have been better. 

All of the shops were open in downtown and there was plenty of food and live music. My mom and I took a slight detour and moseyed our way into one of the antique shops. I want all of these things!

We ended up leaving there in the early afternoon and heading over to the farmers market. You can read more about that on my food blog. 

After my parents left, I met up with my friend Nicole(she actually also writes a blog, you can check her out here) and we had margaritas and went to see the movie Fault In Our Stars. And both bawled our eyes out. Nothing like matching bestie puffy eyes and snotty noses;) 

8 comments on "I Am Not A Car Person"
  1. Antique cars are so pretty. I probably shouldn't call them that but I will! I havevyetvto see that movie but sounds like it was a good cry fest!

  2. I guess I don't really understand the appeal of a car show? Maybe it's b/c Im even less of a car person than you lol...I'd like the shops and food part though so I guess it's not all unknown

  3. Yay for girlfriend dates!!! Esp when there's margaritas involved!

  4. Day dates with girlfriends are the best! And margaritas are always my girlfriend drink of choice! xo

  5. I am definitely not a car show person either... although every year my hubby drags me to the Philly Car show with him... BUT like you, I am pretty in love with all the old cars and spend all my time looking at them/taking pictures of them while Mark walks around and looks at everything else!! Also, girlfriend dates are the best... especially if margaritas are involved... you are totally making me want a margarita with my girls right about now!

  6. Yay! Thanks for the shout out! I agree, girlfriend dates are the best, especially when they involve delicious mexican food and movies based on books.

  7. I've heard good things about The Fault in Our Stars but sappy or romantic movies usually aren't my thing so I'm not so sure I'll watch it (unless it comes out on DVD and I'm home alone on the couch watching it so no one sees me cry). My husband is into cars of all kinds and sometimes we'll go to car shows. It's neat to see the different makes and models, and how much detail people put into them.


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