North Carolina Blogger Meetup

This past weekend I was able to attend a blogger meet up with some ladies in downtown Raleigh. It was nice to see a few favorites and to catch a ride in with Angela and catch up on chatting. This was the first blogger meet up I had been able to attend since the blogger buzz meet up last November. 

It was held at Busy Bee downtown and was put on by Madison from wetherills say I do and Kathy from Up To Date Interiors. We all chatted for a bit before enjoying a delicious meal and then listening to Linda from speak about building your follower engagement and a few other topics.

We were gifted some awesome swag from local ladies and businesses. I loved the presentation of the boxes, very cute.

Can't wait till the next blog meet up! If you ever have one in your area, you should definitely go! It's a lot of fun to meet up with differing bloggers in and around your area.

The swag sponsors for this event were

Mindful Skin Therapy {lavender lip therapy}

Sara Does {greeting cards}

Morgan Alexander {whatever is lovely print}

Hardin Studios {print}

Laureling Studio {$15 gift certificate}

Carolina Charm Wreath {NC vinyl decal}

Queen B's Busy Work {wine cork key chain}

Essential Lines by Erin {lighthouse print}
9 comments on "North Carolina Blogger Meetup"
  1. Thanks for linking up your recap, Maddie! :)

  2. How fun! I so wish us Cali bloggers had more meetups like this.

  3. So fun!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. How fun and I am sure you learned a lot. Always nice to have different perspectives and ask advice.

  5. What an awesome meet-up!! I'm actually going to another one here in Boston on Thursday and can't wait!! that swag bag is pretty fantastic!!

  6. What a fun event! Sounds like they did a great job putting it together!

  7. I have been dying to do a blogger meet-up! This looks fabulous! And I love Busy Bee! xo

  8. Looks like a lot of fun was had by all! (and how much do I love that it was at the "Busy Bee" cafe??? LOL) I hope you enjoy your recycled wine cork keyring! It was a pleasure to create them and provide them for the swag bags!

  9. It was lovely to meet you Maddie!! Let us know when you hear about another meet up!! This was a lot of fun and lots of informative bloggers to talk to!. :)


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