Till Then, I'll Grin...Often.

and the then I speak of is tomorrow morning when Miss Kerry from till then, smile often herself is in my house!!!!

This Friday has come about so very quickly. Which usually never happens when you are anticipating something as much as I am anticipating this! 

Tonight I am headed to downtown Raleigh with one of my besties (Nicole from the life of the baseball wife, if you haven't checked her out, do so. She talks about life in the baseball world and her 3 kids. I mentioned our matching puffy eyes & margarita date last weekend) to see Iron Man 3 playing on the outdoor screen and the food truck rodeo. This is the first year they have had this downtown and I have been wanting to go. 

It is free and all the films this year are ones that were filmed in North Carolina. (of which there are a plenty, other than NY and LA, more tv shows and movies are filmed here than anywhere else in the country. To name a few, Hunger Games, Double Jeopardy, Safe Haven, Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill, Under the Dome, Homeland, Banshee and Sleepy Hollow)

And as I already exclaimed, tomorrow, Kerry will be here to visit and staying through Tuesday. I am so psyched. I would say that she is one of my blog besties but we have hung out so many times and she has hung out with Tony and my sister in law before, so I think she has become one of my good friends...who also blogs;)

We will be at the pool and then, another outdoor movie night as the art museum offers them too!

Sunday we will be heading to Durham to take in the amazing food and then heading to see a Bull's game! The Durham Bulls. Speaking of North Carolina movies, remember this? (if you have never seen Bull Durham...fix that.)

Why, helloooo, Kevin Costner.

I get to try a few cocktails that I am making for a contest out on Kerry. She doesn't know this yet, but she is going to be tipsy pretty much all day Monday. Prepare yourself girl. Moonshine is in your future.

and then, at the end of next week, I get to head up to Richmond to meet up with Tony's family as they are stopping there on their way to OBX. I can't wait to show them some of my favorite stops along the way!

and finally, next Saturday is our eleven year anniversary! How am I old enough to have been married eleven years?! I do declare that I most certainly do not look it;)

What do you have planned for your weekend?!

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9 comments on "Till Then, I'll Grin...Often."
  1. YAY for Richmond!!!! What a fun weekend you have planned! Save travels love and happy Friday!

  2. I'll be at the Bulls game on Sunday, too!

  3. Have a blast this weekend! One of my friends is moving to Raleigh next month. She had never even been to NC until a few weeks ago when she and her boyfriend went there to find a place to live. But I think she'll love it!

    And Bull Durham is one of my favorite movies ever. Kevin Costner.... drool...

  4. Bull Durham is a good movie!! I am so excited to be hitting the road to get there soon!! Wasty pants you have no idea!!! ;)

  5. Hurrah! I hope you and Kerry have an awesome weekend.

    Bull Durham is one of my favorite movies ever.

  6. Sounds like such a great time!! You ladies have fun!

  7. SO JEALOUS!!! kerry is the best; give her extra hugs and enjoy your time together :)

    Vodka and Soda

  8. YAY! Hope you and Kerry have so much fun! I love that bitch... take good care of her! :)

  9. sounds like a fun time - hope it was as awesome as it sounds! cant wait to hear all about it :)


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