Three to the Six

Today is my mister's birthday. The one day each year that he once again becomes my elder. I am super grateful that of all the eggs his mom had, his is the one that hatched. But for reals, momma b!

Last year I wrote a post listing my 35 favorite things about him. I have no plans to do this again, but please feel free to read it as it is actually one of my favorite posts. I did reel myself in a rather nice catch.

I will just add a new addition to the list this year...

Thanks for supporting me in my endeavour with the blog this past year. In the beginning I drove you crazy by making you wait to eat while I staged pictures of food and such. But when the Rachael Ray show came calling, you dropped everything and took the day off of work to play camera man. And then you paid for me to go to my first blog conference. You have even started "staging" plates and such for me and I don't even have to ask. Your support means everything. I have really started to like you most of the time;) Except when you don't "let" me use the flash in a restaurant. Stop it with your manners.

Happy Birthday. Thanks for being born and also thanks for being sexy. Rawr.

Happy 36th!

6 comments on "Three to the Six"
  1. Staging pictures of food... haha! I can totally relate. My hubby is just now starting to understand it. Happy birthday to him!!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Tony! Don't forget to thank him for all the trips to Boston, and waiting while we have many hours of conversation! ;)

  3. Happy Birthday to your man!


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