A few Facts about me link up

What a fun link up, list a few random facts about yourself. You guys may never come back now;) Be warned. 

I have a terrible short term memory, I can look at something 3 times and it gone...then a week later I can remember the phone number I searched...and annoyingly enough, the ones surrounding it. Weird.

I hate the temperature  below 65'...but Fall/Winter wear is by far my favorite. Skinny jeans, an over sized sweater and riding boots. Stop it.

I can block my nose from smelling anything. and when I worked in a daycare I made the asinine mistake of telling my coworkers this....and guess who got the majority of diaper duty from then on.

I am a sports junkie and have worked in sports for most of my life. I legitimately watch Sportscenter a couple times a day. and no...I have never played any. Know your capabilities people.

One of my nicknames is the "bargain whisperer"...then there's "random" and the probably most suited one of "cuntray ghetto"

Ok. I am the only girl and I have three brothers....

and proud big sis moment...one of them plays guitar and sings. 5 years ago he had never picked one up(ok, maybe he had picked one up) but he was self taught. and this past weekend he had his first gig. I was at home in Carolina and b/c of weather couldn't make it up to Virginia. I had my sister in law send me videos and honestly, I saw it and the biggest lump came in my throat...and I may have cried. She said when he was done the entire place erupted into a chant of "one more song" Chills people.

Linking up today with

and fun times, I have my first button, courtesy of one of my favorite blogs, Stylelixir. Lauren is so sweet and let's just say she went above and beyond in helping me out w/this. and even better...today over at her blog, I am sponsoring her this month. and she has a giveaway going on this week. Check her out if you haven't already.

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8 comments on "A few Facts about me link up"
  1. Yay for your brother! that's so exciting! My best friend is the only girl with 3 older brothers...it was always an adventure at her house!

  2. I hear you with your short term memory!.. I too have it!!! As, I am leaving our home I have to say out loud..Garage door closed! otherwise I can't remember and I end up returning home after driving 5 miles!! the same with the stove and candle.. my mind is running...... "Did I turn off the candle"? Drives me crazy....

  3. that's awesome about your brother!! what's your favorite sport?

  4. I am such a weather wimp! I can't handle anything outside the 60-80 degree range. I hate being too hot and too cold!

  5. I have the short term memory of a goldfish too! But my long term is pretty great if I do say so myself ;)

    Olive & Ivy

  6. Thanks so much for the mention Maddie!! :) You are so very sweet - I really appreciate it!

    I hope you're having a great day!

    Chat soon,

    Lauren xx

  7. I too am a sports junkie and I've never played an organized sport in my life, and even though I watch a lot of (sometimes) trashy TV, ESPN is a go-to channel for me.


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