Lil Loretta Stole My Heart

and she is keeping it with her in Boston. Definitely noticing a difference back here in Carolina. Good thing I have a sudo heart at my fingertips;)

I was shopping with Wiki and the parentals on New Years and since Target had hit 70% off and I had a gift card burning a big ole hole in my pocket...we made a day of it quick stop there. I found a smorgasbord of goodies, but my absolute favorite was this sweet sweater w/a big heart on it. The idea hit me immediately that I wanted to wear it when we got to Boston to finally snuggle my new niece. 

at the hotel, ready to hit the road
 my boots and favorite leg warmers

new scarf I got from Wiki for Christmas

sweater $12.48 (target)
tank top $2.74 (target)
jeans $7 (Ross, clearanced)
boots $22 (shoe Metro)
Leg warmers $3 (payless)

and then we hit traffic. and after that a quick lunch in the cutest little town turned into 3 hours later...and we got to Boston after she was asleep. I am not gonna lie and pretend I didn't have a few...shall we call them, moments(?) in the car. I was the opposite of a proper Southern lady. haha I was so upset!

and so instead...lil miss got to meet me in this next outfit instead. I am sure she was impressed. Especially by my shoes...she is my niece after all;)

 I hate mirror pics. haha
 still hate them
 my shoes...I die over them!

gotta keep my ears warm!
She makes this outfit look good!
ok...please excuse "the girls" in this picture. I try to keep them contained, sometimes they just have a mind of their own;) and yes, by this point I was frigid and had changed back into my boots. haha Style can only beat being cold for so long...

Sweater $11 (NY & Co) after coupons
shirt $5.68 (target)
Belt $2.99 (NY & Co)
jeans $7 (ross)
shoes $20 (payless)
hat $12 at some boutique in Raleigh, can't remember.
Necklace free (selling Stella and Dot)
 I am sure the heart sweater will make a resurgance around say the 14th of the second month of the year?!

Hope everyone is finally getting back in the swing of things!
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9 comments on "Lil Loretta Stole My Heart"
  1. I work at payless so I recognized those shoes!
    I love that yellow shirt and your sweater.

    beautiful :)

  2. Love the yellow against the blue! You look spectacular!

  3. Hi Maddie!

    I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award!
    Check out my post here:


  4. Love the leopard pumps :)
    Thanks for stopping by the friends to followers blog hop! Would love for you to follow along :)


  5. I LOVE that heart sweater..I saw it in little girls..didnt know they made big girl sizes too!! ahh I shoulda looked!!! Thanks for linking up!

  6. I love that heart shirt! and I'm all about a bargain! super cute! thanks for linking up for Fashion Favorites! :)

    p.s. which carolina?


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