Salsa Verde and Queso Chili

I don't know about you guys, but I love me some chili. and by love I mean obsess. I always get excited when we stumble into a new restaurant and I see a crock of chili on their menu. Only one time have I ordered it somewhere and absolutely hated it. and man, that was a sad day in the life of one Maddie;) haha

Anyways, I make it at home a lot. One of my favorites is my Turkey Chickpea Chili, but sometimes I just have the urge to try something a tad bit different. I had the salsa and queso on hand from making a taco dip and just decided to throw that in. I often times make my own chili seasoning and taco seasoning( I got the recipes from pinterest) so you are welcome to use those, but for simplicity sake, I will just reference packets, which would probably be equivalent to 3/4 tbsp of homemade.

This was really hearty and I have gone out of my way to make it since then. Perfect on a "chilly" (haha yes, pun most definitely intended) night at home.

1 to 1 1/2 lb(s) ground meat( I prefer turkey or venison)
1 packet taco seasoning
1 packet chili seasoning
1 cup beer
1 cup queso
1 cup green salsa
1 small can diced tomatoes( chili flavored is best)
1 can black beans(drained)
1 can kidney beans(drained)

Brown the meat and drain, add half of each of the seasoning packets and pour in the beer, stirring to incorporate the seasonings and letting simmer for about 5 minutes. Add in the beans and tomatoes. Stirring again add in the salsa, queso and remaining seasonings. Cook on medium heat for about 15 minutes and then let simmer for about another half hour. 

Serve hot. I love to top mine with shredded cheese and tortilla chips. Wiki loves to add cheese, sour cream and avocados. You can top it w/whatever your heart desires. You really can't go wrong.

And you can use any type of beans your prefer or omit them. You could use chicken stock(or even water) instead of beer. I just like the added dimension that the beer gives it and the alcohol cooks out, so the kiddies can still have some;) and I would think that you could brown the meat in the morning and then add all ingredients to crock pot and cook on low for a few hours:)

And now I am ravenous. Hungry girl problems.

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2 comments on "Salsa Verde and Queso Chili"
  1. mmmm. that looks so good. I need it!

  2. Yummy! This looks like something I can actually pull off!! Thanks for sharing!!


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