Birthday...Bloggy Style.

This weeks hi fives and instagram are my faves of the last year, so I will have 12:) I can't believe that this little space of mine is one. Since I am the the owner of said space...does this mean Wiki should buy me a present to celebrate? I mean...that's only fair, isn't it? C'mon ladies...back a sister up!!! hahaha

I have really enjoyed what this last year has brought. In the beginning I was a little more sporadic and would only update intermittently  Lately, I have forayed out of my comfort zone: food, and have taken on lots more topics. Things I have been timid to share and the feedback I received has made it more than worth it...

Here are 12 posts from the last year I suggest you check out.(pl one)us

1) High five for starting this venture last year...
 via my first post here

2)mini reeses cheesecakes here
high five for anything chocolate and peanut butter. In my belly. Stat.

 3)Salted Caramel Mudslide here
high five to Starbucks for making a hot chocolate pack easily accessible!

4)creamsicle cookies w/a cheesecake center here
There's no reason to high five here other than they were straight up...awesome.
5)prosciutto and bacon wrapped sweet potatoes here
Bacon(in any form) gets all around high fives!!!
6)bourbon caramel french toast casserole here 
high five for breakfast or dessert!
 7) a trip to Hogwarts and my version of a butterbeer mudslide here
Hellooooo, high five for Harry!

8)Our trip to New Hampshire here
High five for nature at its absolute finest! God loves to show off!
9) my absolute nemesis here
High five that this is nowhere to be found!
10) no bake pumpkin cheesecakes here
It's pumpkin, people. High five!
11)my battle w/infertility and PTSD here
Well...I graduated from part one and am getting better everyday! Plus, this fake boo is super cute. High five all day!
12) The curvy chronicles here
High five for being healthy!

and the most popular post since I started.
Crockpot Cream Cheese
I can only say "thanks" to the person who originally pinned this, it's been pinned and repinned well over a couple thousand times now. And it is the most simple of simple recipes on my blog;) 

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read and follow along on my jaunts through this crazy world. This girl sure does appreciate it!

Have a great weekend! I hope you have many reasons to high five and capture moments on Instagram. 

Bye for now, Y'all!
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4 comments on "Birthday...Bloggy Style."
  1. Ok...I ate 4 largeee cookies at work yesterday and now I see all this on your blog! Ugh, not fair!! How am I ever going to end the "holiday" eating habits if I see this deliciousness everywhere!!

    Happy One Year! And yes, Wiki should buy you a gift :)

  2. Oh my goodness so much good food I see! :) your crockpot cream cheese corn is exactly almost like my Mexicorn ... it has the same ingredients only, I put pimentos, diced jalapeno (a small can drained and I put half of that not to much just for the kick) and of course the cream cheese!!! so good you must try!!! If I don't make that at Thanksgiving my family goes berserk! and I am left eating at the kids table! :)

  3. Happy Bloggy Birthday!!!! So glad to have "met" you through the blogging world!!!! Ummm...I want a butterbeer mudslide, like, right now. YUM.

  4. Happy Bloggy Birthday to you!! :) And many many more!


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