Baby You A Song, You Make Me Wanna Roll My Windows Down

and CRUISE;) Still reveling in the afterglow of the concert. I had the bestest of bestest times this weekend. And I escaped left Raleigh just in time. The snow actually started falling while we were on the plane and they had to quickly de ice it and then we were off. 

The second I got off the plane, the sunshine worked it's wonders on me. Nicole and I headed straight to their condo and I was greeted by one of my favorite three year olds, Blakey. and this view...
It's ok to be jealous. I am back in Carolina and I am once again jealous myself.

My facebook was inundated w/shots of "all the snow" back in Raleigh and since I am so kind, I  uploaded this picture w/the caption "I see all your snow shots and I raise you a sunset over the Gulf" See how sweet I am;)

 haha admittedly my favorite comment was from my friend Kim and it went something like this "I see your sunset picture and I raise middle finger" hahahaha I may have smirked. but only a bit.

I mean, the intercoastal from one bedroom and the gulf from the other. Now that I am no longer there...I am bitter;)

That night we hit Bella Brava in St. Pete for some yummy dinner and then meandered our way to a wine bar for some more gossiping girl time.

And on Saturday we woke up and prepared for Mr. Bryan. Nicole made a tasty apple streudal type bake for breakfast and as I was getting ready I walked by the mirror and noticed I had what appeared to be mud on my face. I scrubbed and scrubbed it off, I then noticed battle scars bruises I must have gotten from the night before. All signs of a good time. So as we are walking out, I ask Nicole, "did you notice I had something on my face at breakfast? She paused and started laughing and goes "hahahaha yes, but I had never really seen you without make up and I thought maybe it was a birthmark and you just cover it up really well, so I didn't wanna ask about it" Then we were both dying laughing. 

Ok...maybe that is one of those 'you had to be there stories' but it was hilarious. Take my word for it. Would I lie to y'all? Never.

We had lunch and headed out to Orlando and did what any woman worth her salt would do while in O town...we shopped at the outlets. Duh. and stopped to get gas before doing a double take and noticed they were charging six bucks(six dollars?!?!?!) a gallon and got only enough to get where we were going. Can you say "tourist trap rip off?"

And finally it was time for the show. We got our boots on and we was all kinds a ready;)

First up was Florida Georgia Line and they sang the song of my aptly titled blog post, Cruise. Everyone was going crazy. They put on a good show.

Then next came Thompson Square, you may know their song, "Are you gonna kiss me or not?" They were pretty good, too...although, I thought for sure that, at some point, they were gonna make a baby on stage. But hey, after 13 years of marriage, yay for their chemistry still being all kinds of hot;) 

And was Mr. Bryan's turn. Can I just say, "Yes, Please". He may have put on one of my favorite shows. He was so much fun, At one point he was on the piano and he quipped "so the Beibs was here last night, huh?" and then he sang a little Justin Bieber. Pretty funny.

Did y'all know that you actually spell Luke Bryan... S.E.X.Y. I mean, really. He is almost as sexy as Wiki. But only almost. Sorry bout it. Luke;)

We had a blast and the drive back to St. Pete sped by(ok, well I was the passenger, so it did for me)

We woke up early yesterday and she sent me packing. haha Flew back to Raleigh and it was a balmy 29'. ugh. No thanks. and then we were on the tarmac for about 30 minutes for mechanical issues. I just feel like I would rather they...tell me anything but that. I mean, dogs on the loose. Cool. Storms on the horizons. No problem. Snakes on the plane. no biggie. Just kidding. I would choose mechanical any day. My name is not Samuel L., people.

This was in the spirit magazine and yes...I will be making this. ASAP.

I made it safely(yay;) and we had to work a basketball game at Duke(women's) and then went out in Chapel Hill. 

 We stopped at Southern Rail, an old train depot and rail cars transformed into a bar/restaurant.
 My wings and Bellini were so tasty.

Love the steeple of this church against the backdrop of the overcast sky.

and then this morning I was playing around w/a new app for my instagram and "gussied up" one of my favorite quotes( and yes, I used the term gussied're welcome.) Choosing to have a great week this week. Hope everyone else has a fabulous one too!

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5 comments on "Baby You A Song, You Make Me Wanna Roll My Windows Down"
  1. I live in Orlando and refuse to buy gas near the i-drive area. It is so overpriced and you can drive an extra mile on the highway and get a pretty significant price drop. I'm jealous you went to the concert, it seems everyone I know did!

  2. What an awesome weekend!! Jealous of your travels:) and yummy food! You'll have to post the outcome of your bacon popcorn, soon!! I'm totally in on that:) I expect a care package send my way after the successful making of that salty sweet goodness!

  3. Wow!! Oh my gosh!! you had a fun, fun weekend! good for you!! I have never been to a concert ever... Sounds like so much fun!! I loved your boots I need new ones!! hummm...

  4. $6 a gallon?! That is ridiculous! I am waiting for Luke's tickets to go on sale, he doesn't come close to me until Sept, but I can't wait!

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