Cranberry Peach Mimosa and Ringing in 2013

We have been going and going lately. Since the end of November we have spent 10 days in Boston for Gobble Day and a baby shower, two days in the Yadkin Valley Wine Trail, five days in Virginia and tomorrow we head back to Boston to meet my new main squeeze, my niece! She is brand spankin' new. as in less than 24 hrs old. I am ecstatic!
Therefore, when we were deciding upon NYE plans...low key was the word! Plus, Wiki had to work till 5. Can you say "blah?" haha He has a good job, so I will not be starting off 2013 whining!

I cooked some chili and we ordered Chinese food. Wiki kept mentioning how it was a tradition to order take out didn't understand how had I never heard of it. Then he googled it and it is a New England. And like all New Englanders, he just assumes everyone is like him;) haha But he kept mentioning how it was one of his favorite memories of his parents, brother and nonni and nonno would come over and they would eat take out. It has been 3 years since our precious nonni has been dancing it up with Jesus and I can sense, even more lately, how much he misses her. It was fun to partake in this with him and am hoping we can translate it into our own yearly version. I did "Southern" it up a bit, lest you worry. haha 

My parents came down from Virgina and our really good friends, Elliot and Nicole came over w/their little guy, Blake. We watched Duck Dynasty and Pawn Stars. Hahahaha Keepin' it classy, folks, 100% classy. Nicole is my ASU friend I mentioned yesterday. They head back to Florida soon and are preparing for Spring Training and the upcoming baseball season. I kinda hate not seeing her as often:( Nicole is one of my all time favorite people. We have lots in common; We love green tea, dessert, shopping, reading awesome books and drinking gobs of a little wine;)

And for any future get togethers you may have, a perfect bubbly mimosa! And the cranberries made it festive...obviously.

white cranberry and peach juice
champagne/sparkling wine
fresh cranberries

 Drop a few cranberries in bottom of glass and then fill champagne glass 1/3 way with juice and top with the popped bubbly. Tip glass back and have yourself a grand ole time! You could also mix this up a bit, add peach schnapps or cranberry vodka, maybe peach sparkling wine. Really...I mean, how wrong can you go with any version?!

I used a moscato, yummy!
Cheers or Salud!!!

Da Mamma and me.

My Rachelle came by for just a bit

Da excited to get her first Sperry's

 I got in on the action too!

Hope everyone has had a fabulous start to their New Year!

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