Buona Befana

I am miserable. No really. in a good way. We celebrated befana or known to some as, Little Christmas. I should have known better than to eat breakfast before having any kind of gathering at this house. Food, yummy, yummy food. and now I can barely move. I am so uncomfortable. I am drinking my 3rd cup of green tea to just detox myself. And, as of tomorrow morning, I am officially back in pre Thanksgiving meals. 
This is where I have spent the last few days, I love this house. Looks almost storybook perfect

I have had the best time up here in Boston. I have gotten to love on my niece and she is a doll. I just die. she is so cute and chubby. But now my heart mourns as I am headed back to Raleigh. I won't be able to see her for a few months. She was crying when I left. I doubt her being hungry had anything to do with it...more so she sensed I was leaving and will miss me immensely as well;)

We left home Thurs night and stayed a little past Richmond and took our time coming. We had the most underwhelming breakfast at Denny's. (Let's all take a second to be shocked) Our only other option was a truck stop. We did not choose wisely. Ech. 

Then Wiki needed a coffee break and took what we thought would be a quick jaunt, only for it to be 10 minutes off the highway and it led us to Harve De Grace. I was beyond ravenous. It had only been 3 hours since I had eaten ..but since my pancakes were...not delectable, I wanted food. What a cute town. We have never stopped here before and I loved it. We had lunch at this cute grill and bar. Ok. hands down, best. burger. ever. Oh. No words. Never has a burger won me over a steak, this one... did the trick. My mouth is watering now. How is this possible? As I stated earlier, I am so full I can barely move. Ugh. I wish I had taken a picture...but really, I was interested in only one thing; Squelching the monster living in my belly.

Anyways, we stumbled upon this adorable macaroon shop and indulged in a few petit ones. The owner was such a sweet lady. I love it when you can see the pride in a small shops face. Makes me happy.

And then, finally, after a long drive. I got in my baby love! I could kiss on this baby cakes for days. Oh, I love me some Loretta. I was so excited to see her and hold her and if I am honest, nervous. I wondered if I would hold her and have a lump in my throat. If the desire to have my own would get in the way of me simply loving her and being happy for my brother and sister in law. I am relieved to say that, while I did have feelings of longing and wondering if this is what our baby would look like...I simply just enjoyed this sweet girl. But now I miss her so...

I am headed back to Carolina in the am, I hope everyone had themselves a delightful weekend and I will leave you with some pictures of our trip and my chubby Loretta Elizabeth...or as her Auntie Maddie refers to her...My lil 'Etta.

 Dinner for Befana. So good.  

All prepped and ready to go. Decorations always stay up through today.

 Auntie Maddie loving on my 'Etta!

 Holding our favorite girl
 Uncle Tony and little Miss

I miss you baby girl!!! You made my whole year start off perfect!

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5 comments on "Buona Befana"
  1. What a beautiful baby!! she is precious! There is always a special bond we aunts have for our nieces and nephews..Babies bring the best in us!! love the house in Boston story book perfect! Thanks for sharing your trip!

  2. Thank you for stopping into Les Petits Bisous while you were in Havre de Grace, and for your sweet posting about the shop! I've put a link to your blog-site on the Les Petits Bisous Facebook page.

  3. Okay I am OBSESSED with that green house!

  4. That house does look story book perfect and that food looks great!


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