Holiday Looks and gatherings...and a new addition!

I am having the best 2013 so far. and at 10:13 am it got even better as my first niece has arrived  We leave for Boston tomorrow and I cannot cannot cannot wait to see my favorite new fatty! I am so anxious to meet her that the thought of 22' weather isn't even daunting to me right now;) She was rather small for a Baldassari though...only 9 lbs 4 oz. Some of you probably think I am being sarcastic. haha I am not. My husband was born and promptly fit into 12 month clothing. then his brother was born and lets just people who had 12 pounders got off easy;) This explains why Wiki is 6'5 and his brother is 6'7. best believe there will be a smorgasbord of pics coming at you next week, but for now I will  show some of my "attire" over the past week and a half. We went to Virginia for five days and we attended 4 parties. overload. Then we came home and went to a bowl party to watch ASU/Navy. One of my besties attended ASU and I told her that by rooting for ASU she was un-Americana ) haha between this we have been working basketball games at Duke and then we hosted a small NYE gathering. And tomorrow we leave for Beantown for 5 days. I. am. tired. but loving these experiences  except ones that involve me cleaning my kitchen afterwards. That part is the antithesis of awesome. 

First up was an outfit I wore to a party w/some of our couple friends, we gorged ourselves snacked, had some beverages, played dirty santa and then got competitive in a few games of Jacks. Greatest  Game. EVER. and the ladies lost. I am still bitter not over it. but I digress...

 The next outfit was very simple but one of my absolute favorites. I found this t shirt at Target and fell in love. I never and I mean...NEVER wear a tshirt...but I loved this one and I am gonna say I rocked it;) It just put me in a good mood.

and this last one was for Christmas lunch at my grandparents where there were 36 of us! My family is huge. and I love it! And so much good food to be had and then that night my mom, sissy in law and I headed out to to the movies to watch Les Miserables. It was fantastic. 

and every outfit was well under $50 minus the boots in the last picture. they were however marked down from $400 to $67 last year. and it took everything in me to spend that much;)

The trip passed so quick but we treasured every moment. I will have pictures of all the get togethers tomorrow that are a little more fun and of everyone I love the most.

and before I forget. I have the most amazing hubs. I still am elated over my gift!!! He got me culinary classes at the ICE of New York. I am going next month and I am on cloud nine! Cannot wait! What all did y'all get?!

and I meant it...hands down, best game in the world!

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4 comments on "Holiday Looks and gatherings...and a new addition!"
  1. Adorable outfits! LOVE those earrings!

  2. Hi there - I found your blog through the linkup. Can't wait to read more! Hope you're having a great new year! :)

  3. Love that green top and I can see why you feel for the t-shirt. Hope you get to have lots of smoochy cuddles with your new niece! Happy New Year and thanks for being a part of Wardrobe Wednesday this week. :o)

  4. Love that tshirt!! You did rock it!


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