Fffffriday already?!

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 My high fives of the week.

1) I finally have my first niece! She was born on the 2nd and we are headed to Boston to love up on the little fatty! Baby love.
2) I got to spend time with so many of my favorites the past few weeks! My heart overdosed on good times(my stomach may have also...but let's not dwell)
3)The 'Skins beat the Cowboys!!!! HTTR. Long time coming. Sorry to all you Cowboy fans, but I was excited. I really hope they make it to the SB this year. and then I hope they lose to the Patriots;) haha I may root for the 'Skins, but I feel you can only be a true fan of one team. and for me...it's the Pats.
4)I got my first pair of Sperry's and so did my mom. She was so excited and so was I. Even better, I paid $21(read this post to see them) Now I just need to get used to flats. We shall see. Fingers crossed.
5)Playoff football starts this weekend...Yes

and some of my instagram photos from the week.
 My littlest nephew...Tyty, doing what he does best:
Hamming it up!
 Wiki and I took a break from all the "Holiday" food and indulged in some BBQ!

 My immediate family had out get together at my sister in laws.

 We somehow managed to fit in working some basketball games at Duke.

 Being photo bombed by the siisy in law, me and my girl Rhonda.

 Cupcakes at my favorite place in the "Burg, Sassafrost. Yummmmm.

 Fried Green Tomatoes at Market on Main.

 What is Christmas without some ice cream?!

  Woke up to this from Wiki on NYE, left it for me while he went to work.

My new shoes from Wiki...I love these. Like loooooovvvvveeee. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend. 
9 comments on "Fffffriday already?!"
  1. Congrats on the new niece! Yum those cupcakes look great!

  2. Congratulations on the niece! The shoes are soooo cute!!! Stopping by from insta Friday

  3. Hey! I am stopping by from the blog hop today on Lauren's blog! Great blog, I am your newest follower. IF you get a chance please stop by my blog and follow me back! Also, feel free to enter in the giveaway that just started today on my blog! IT is got a gorgeous bangle set. Have a great day!

    ~Chelsee @ Southern Beauty Guide

  4. So many great things happening in your life! Yay for your new niece!

  5. How exciting, our new niece! I'm about to become a first time aunt in March and I'm so excited for it! Sounds like an awesome week for you! Happy Friday!

  6. I was pretty excited to see the Redskins win too, just because I like the underdog. Congrats on the new niece! Hope she is doing well.

  7. Congratulations on your sweet new niece!! looks like you are having a great week!!! and it's ok that Redskins beat the cowboys... There is always next year!! I am a Texan and Dallas is our team hahaha.. love your blog!

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